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Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's been a while that I last signed onto my blogspot page. This website was so time consuming now that I think about it. I pretty much gained nothing out of it except a few extra cash which I would not say how much. I doubt anyone still visit this page anymore LOL. I'm no longer in Unique Movement Dance Crew cause when life gives you lemon things change (I just made it up; don't even know what it means). Maybe I should reuse this blogspot site.

Pretty much this was a useless post. I still post songs somewhat daily but not everyday. I don't post up download links anymore since it's very time consuming cause I got a slow internet connection. Also, I no longer use There's still some old songs post there I deleted like a good 3 months worth of songs on that tumblr. I will be still updating songs on until I might change my url again. If you want download links to the songs I post up on Tumblr, message me on tumblr.

P.S. It feels so awkward when people/strangers recognize me as "Wingster" in the streets. I'm not a people's person, I'm shy as hell when I meet new people.

Wing Ng